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Frequently Asked Questions

How much RAM do I need to run the modpack?

A good amount! We recommend at least 10GB dedicated to the game on launch.

This means your PC needs to have 12GB+ of RAM installed.

If your PC is underpowered you can try using the LITE version of the modpack.

LITE is the same modpack without any graphical mods and Optifine

Optifine is known to cause graphical bugs, but is usually not game breaking.

We are planning a separate modpack based off of ATM Lite.

How do I add more RAM?

Watch this video.

Be sure you do not allocate more RAM than is available

Windows can use up to 4GB for system processes.

Why won't my game launch?

First, make sure you have allocated enough ram.

If you are sure you have enough allocated, delete the pack from Twitch and reinstall it.

If neither of those fix your issue, hit us up with a full crash report on the Discord.

Where is the IP address for 'X'?

Modded Minecraft

Vanilla: Use theyellowsub.us to connect. Vanilla will use theyellowsub.us:25566 during events.

ATMR+: Launch the pack and the server will there!

Other Modpacks: Check Discord.

Event Servers: Use theyellowsub.us to connect.


Use theyellowsub.us to connect.


Use theyellowsub.us to connect.


Use theyellowsub.us to connect.

My question wasn't answered.

Let us know on Discord.

If it becomes frequently asked we will put it on this list, but we will always answer any reasonable questions our players ask.